African Rural University Library goal is to meet the information needs of all members interested in facilitating the transformation of rural communities. This Library houses relevant, well selected and up to date information materials in various subject fields but most importantly those that promote rural transformation. The resources are accessible in possible formats (audio visuals, print and electronic). The library is open to everyone including students, staff, government employees, business people, the self employed and private employees and all other members of the general public. The ARU Library enables members who are far away from the Kagadi based main library to access resources they truly want through the 13 established resource centers in Sub Counties.

ARU Library Resource Center

African Rural University Library is a standard library that supports rural development. It provides quality information that enhances teaching, learning, research and community service. African Rural University library promotes access to the rich collection of research outputs, rare text materials, students’ dissertations, government publications, journals, workshop proceedings, conference papers, major audio-visual materials and thousands of licensed electronic resources (online/web based information resources).

Library users and Visitors of African Rural University Library can find and use thousands of e-resources and digital materials from the university collections at no cost. The library provides an open access platform to all people who need information for transformation.

The library uses a tool called KOHA to help users search and find locations of different books on shelves. The KOHA Library Management tool also helps users to read some resources as full text online resources especially those that are of open access nature. The Library is automated to allow quick search and retrieval of information.

The Library has free internet services for its users. This allows all users to search for the unavailable information from outside the ARU Library Limit. African Rural University Library used ICT tools to build a digital memory of the institution. It now has a functional Dspace which acts as an Institutional Repository.

Our library is the highly stocked academic and public library in Bunyoro Sub Region. It offers free open access to all interested members of the public. The ARU Library also offers extended opening during week days. It allows flexible open access to both print and IT resources which fits modern life study.

African Rural University library has been an active member of the Consortium for Uganda University Libraries (CUUL) since its inception.

The Library

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