Dr.David R Mutekanga
His current research includes decision making on the interface between development and environment conservation in which area he has published several research papers. He is also undertaking research on the new rural development paradigm in Africa. This year(2016), David has published two reseach papers about Trade-offs Between Extractive Industry and Biodiversity Conservation in East Usambara Mountains, Tanzania and The Role and Challenges for Dry Lands and Deserts Downstream– the case of the Nile Basin. Click Here to learn more and Download the Research Papers
In September 2017, David published another paper on Analyzing the roles and challenges of epicenter managers as rural transformation specialists. This can be accessed here Analyzing the roles and challenges of epicenter managers as rural transformation specialists
Prof. David Baguma
Areas of interest
Climate Change and WASH, Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response, Human Rights to Water and Sanitation, Services for the Urban Poor, Sanitation, Environmental Sanitation, Sanitation, Urban Sanitation, Hygiene, Hand washing, Targeted Home Hygiene, Water, Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage, Integrated Water Resources Management, Multiple Use Water Services, Rainwater Harvesting, Rural Water Supply, Water Safety Plans, Capacity Building, WASH in Schools, Gender and WASH, Research in the WASH sector. Click here to read his publications
Mr. Buye Ronald
Improving the nature of residential housing: strategies for better housing in Uganda.
The quality of residential housing is strongly determined by income, in any given society. By 2012, Uganda was facing a backlog of 1.6 million housing units (currently standing at about 1.3 million units), with most (84%) of the 6.2 million poor houses being temporal dwellings. Most of Ugandans in the urban areas have challenges accessing affordable houses due to. This limits ability to own and rent a better living place.Click here to read more

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