We have recently acquired new resourses that can enrich your learning. Please take a look at them. 

  1. Who is Nabamba Budhagaali? by Wangoola- Wangoola
  2. Nabamba Budhagaali yani? by Wangoola –Wangoola Ndawula
  3. Afikans cannot modernize while using the English language by Wangoola –Wangoola
  4. Ndawula
  5. Uganda Martyrs: Myth and Reality by Patrick David Wandira
  6. The First Afro Native American Summit by Wangoola –Wangoola Ndawula
  7. Ekyoto Kyabataka: Elders fire of wisdom by Wangoola –Wangoola Ndawula
  8. Understand Nabamba Budhagaali by Wangoola –Wangoola

These resources are available in the ARU Library and Community Resource Center. Feel free to contact us an email here