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The Path of Least Resistance” Foundational Course by Mwalimu this morning

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The Path of Least Resistance” Foundational Course by Mwalimu this morning

1. Structural Tension: Mwalimu introduced the concept of structural tension as the dynamic relationship between a person’s current reality and their desired outcome. He emphasized  that this tension is necessary for creating change and moving toward desired results.
2.Creative Tension: Creative tension arises when we embrace and harness the gap between our current reality and our desired outcome. It serves as a catalyst for growth, innovation, and creative problem-solving. Mwalimu emphasized  the importance of embracing this tension instead of avoiding or reducing it.
3.Structural Dynamics: By Pouring Water on a bench , Mwalimu demonstrated  the interplay between structure and behavior. He explained that the structure of a system, whether it’s an individual, a team, or an organization, greatly influences its capacity to create and achieve desired outcomes. Understanding the underlying structure is essential for sustainable change.
4.Constraints and Limitations: Mwalimu like Fritz challenges the idea that constraints and limitations are obstacles to be overcome. Instead, he suggests that they can be used creatively to generate new possibilities and innovations. By understanding the constraints and working with them, individuals can find unique solutions.
5-Shifting Focus: Mwalimu encouraged  us to shift our focus from problem-solving to creating. Instead of fixating on what is wrong or lacking, we should concentrate on envisioning and building what we desire. This shift in mindset allows for a more proactive and empowering approach.

6.Orientation: Mwalimu  noted  that clarity about what one wants and the ability to align one’s actions and choices with that desired outcome are crucial for success. This orientation enables individuals make conscious decisions that move them closer to their goals.

7-End Result Vision: Mwalimu emphasized  the significance of having a clear  vision of the end result we desire. By visualizing our desired outcome with vivid detail, we can effectively mobilize our creative energy and align our actions towards its realization