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Ubuntu Spirit at ARU’s Feature Day; A Day of Learning, Painting, and Community Engagement


Ubuntu Spirit at ARU’s Feature Day; A Day of Learning, Painting, and Community Engagement

On June 27, 2024, the African Rural University (ARU), in collaboration with its mother organization, the Uganda Rural Development Programs (URDP), held a transformative Feature Day at the ARU Campus. This day-long event showcased the creative learning spirit of the ARU community, where students, faculty, and community members came together to accomplish tasks in the true essence of Ubuntu – a philosophy emphasizing collective humanity and togetherness.

Feature Day at ARU is designed to bring participants together in collaborative tasks that promotes unity and skill development. This Feature Day ‘s event focused on painting and cleaning activities across the campus, with participants enthusiastically engaging in these exercises.

For many students and community members, this was an exciting opportunity to learn and apply new skills, particularly in mixing paint and painting. The experience was not just about beautifying the campus, but also about building practical skills that many had never acquired before.


During this feature day we were able to apply the principle of creating in that people were scatting and   painting, there was team work and everyone was focusing on the vision of the day. Moving forward, I intend to use the skills of scatting and painting that have gained in future when I construct my house and that way, I will cut the costs. I also hope to share the knowledge I have acquired in painting with other people so they learn too since they are key to their own development.

Beatrice during the Painting Exercise at ARU Campus

The day’s activities centered around several key areas on the ARU Campus including

  • ARU Multipurpose Resource Centre, including the ARU Library and ARU Senate
  • Two Laboratories
  • Bachelor of Rural Development Classes
  • Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Agriculture Classes

The painting and cleaning exercise was led by Rose Keishanyu, the University Secretary and ARU Estate Manager-.Under his guidance, participants worked diligently, learning not only the technical aspects of painting but also the importance of teamwork and community service

ARU Guild President-Jackline Katusabe, Paulino Twesiime- ARU Traditional Wisdom Specialist (Centre), and Namutosi Doloka -Assistant to Deputy Vice Chancellor -ARU during the painting exercise.

The spirit of Ubuntu was evident throughout the day, as students and community members collaborated, shared knowledge, and supported each other in completing the tasks at hand.