1. Silence and strict discipline MUST be maintained in the library by all users and the library staff.
  2.  No student shall be allowed to make or receive a call within the library premise. Failure to comply a fine of 5,000/= shall apply or a phone be confiscated.
  3.  Mobile phones should be switched off or put in silent mode when in the Library. A fine of UGX 5,000 will be charged failure to comply
  4.  Bags, briefcases, metallic containers, umbrellas, overcoats, helmets shall be left in the place provided at the entrance.
  5.  Students shall be allowed to borrow materials from the library for a period of 14 working days and beyond that a fine of 500/= shall apply for each extra day a material is not returned as overdue.
  6.  Students or any other borrower who lose library materials shall be fined an equivalent of 100,000/= for each material lost as replacement fee.
  7.  Users are requested to leave the books on the reading table after consultation. No one should re-shelve the material after use.
  8.  No document issued out or borrowed from the library shall be brought to the library for use unless for returning or if there is permission sought first from the library attendant.
  9. No student shall be allowed to smoke in the library
  10. Consumption of food and drinks in the library is strictly prohibited.
  11. Utmost care shall be taken by all library users and staff to keep the library clean.
  12.  Reservation of seats and hiding of books in non gazetted spaces in the library shall not be permitted
  13.  Lost/damaged document shall be replaced by the borrower with the latest edition or else payment of equivalent amount plus an additional charge of 20% of the price for the documents published abroad.